Conclusions and recommendations typically build a vital portion of a research. The recommendations are mostly focused on the research area and on any other applicable fact obtainable to the researcher, comprising their private and prior experience in a particular field. Recommendations are part of a research report which is included in the final sections. A researcher will have to summarise the findings that are made with clear articulation of the range of recommendations as concluding remarks from a research process.

Research is usually carried out to examine a problematic situation or examine an existing theory or researching a new theory mostly. Therefore, researchers will end up with many numbers of findings that require exact solutions or several options or the best alternates (Sekeran and Bougie, 2010). On the other hand, this may direct the researcher to suggest several recommendations at the end of the research to explain the way of minimising the problematic situation in addition to provided research solutions. While the suggested solutions reduce the impact of the problem, these recommendations will make sure the occurrence of the problem is minimised. Some of the recommendations will allow the researcher to explain the best practices and the smooth implementation of the suggested solutions.

Recommendations provide with a series of corrective steps post findings that are derived. It will be important to highlight the range of corrective steps along with a scientific research that is conducted which allows the researcher to clearly illustrate the range of actions that are to be taken. A clear course of action will be recommended and actions being taken. Establishing clear range of recommendation line where recommendations could be clearly provided to the relevant article with clear tie up to the programs and effective articulation of the right findings to be tied to the research process (Beggam, 2011)

Driving communication in the right sense is also important. Delivering the right set of communication points is also a key point that will be both evaluated and critically discussed during the course of the research process. It will play a critical and significant points being properly articulated.