Studies show that about 73% of the students struggle when writing an essay in their academic time period and many require desperate assignment help. The problems vary from the lack of effective teaching in the schools, which do not provide the students with a proper technique to write analytically, to the obstacle of being unable to write a proper sentence structure.

But luckily there are a number of tips that can guarantee you of writing a good and efficient essay.

Planning of your essay requires picking out a topic that is well-researched and sounds interesting to you. Also make sure that the topic has to be narrowed down from a broader area of information. Gather all the materials necessary for your essay; such as sources.

Prior planning of your essay writing reduces the risk of being carried away from the topic, provides an organized structure to your information and puts the main ideas in perspective. It guarantees cohesiveness and a natural progressive flow of sentences.

When writing an essay, the introduction which contains the general information about the topic, it is essential to make it very interesting as this intro is going to be the point of interest for the reader. Keep in mind that the introduction should end up with a thesis or a brief statement which clearly states the argument of your essay. Don’t forget to give your essay an active tone of voice that makes it look for immediate and compelling.

This accounts for the supporting information for your main ideas or topic sentence as it is usually called. The clue is to create a movement from a broad intro to narrow ideas. Note that one paragraph should contain only one main idea to remain coherent as to avoid ambiguity for the reader. This should contain any further details relating closely to the main idea, evidence to support your argument, data, facts, analysis, useful quotations or references. These supporting ideas show the reader how widely read you are and removes any inch of biasness they feel.

Make sure to use transitions in your sentences because the effectiveness of an essay is measured by the connection between the paragraphs. Avoid being repetitive, it increases the risk of being boring and complicated for the reader. Words like, “furthermore”, “additionally” and “moreover”, act as a source of direction for the reader and guides them throughout the essay.

The conclusion of your essay writing should be able to draw everything together and again, summarize the main idea of your essay. This is not the area for the introduction of any new ideas or information. Make sure that the essay briefly re-states the main purpose and wrap up neatly.

Last but not the least, it is very important reviewing, proofreading and editing your essay once it comes to an end. An effective way to review your essay writing is to have other people read it. Check for any grammatical or punctuation mistakes and double-check for clarity and conciseness.