Do you need assignment help for writing an essay on health and social care? Are you the person who constantly find yourself saying, “somebody write my paper” for me?

Following are seven great tips to get you started with your health and social care essay writing.

Read the assignments instructions
This is possibly the main reason for students failing or being referred for their essays or assignments because they fail to understand what is being asked in the question and end up writing something they are uncertain about. When facing such situation, follow a proper tutorial or example essay writing which can be easily found on PowerPoint presentations that will help you to avoid wasting time.

Be Concise
Another mistake done by the students is repetition of words and making the essay lengthy just to increase their word count. Write short words instead of phrases e-g instead of “despite of the fact that”, write “because”, it will make your essay look more understandable and less confusing. Don’t ever compromise quality for quantity.

Use Correct Spelling, Grammar and sentence structure
Try to avoid incorrect punctuation , spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences as they detract from the point you are trying to make. Always proof read and recheck you work for any possible mistakes. Ensure clarity and completeness of the information. When writing an essay for nursing, health or social care you must ensure the terminology is correctly spelled Examples include:

Aural (pertaining to the ear) and oral (pertaining to the mouth)
CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) and cabbage (the green, leafy vegetable)
Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and dysphasia (impairment relating to use of speech)
elicit (meaning to draw out) and illicit (meaning unlawful or not permitted)
Stationery (writing materials) and stationary (fixed position or unchanged condition)
Use Professional language:
Many students often make the mistake of writing in a spoken manner; use of colloquial language, which makes their writing appear unprofessional. It is very important to know the difference between verbal communication and writing a professional, coherent essay.

Provide evidence that you understand social work and health principles
Students often list principles of social work practice without evidencing their understanding of them. For example, it is understood that the function of the social and healthcare principles are the advocacy for human rights and equity and to take action to protect basic human rights. Avoid writing such obvious principles, instead focus on the practical applications and tips because the reader needs to know that you have a sense of these concepts and can demonstrate their application.

Add references:
When adding references, make sure that the reader can easily identify the source of the reference. Add the website link, name of department or course, with the correct page number to avoid confusion for the reader.

Similarly, quotations must include the page number which is particularly important because of the extent of plagiarism, to check the source of the information. In addition, the lecturers who check the essays usually use the references to further enhance their knowledge about the subject.

Add a conclusion
Often students’ work will end abruptly and the reader has no idea if that student has understood their own work. Your conclusion need only be a paragraph that summarizes your findings and discussion.