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  • We support students writing their Literature Review, which weighs the dissertation or research report. An ideal method of clearly presenting the literature review will involve a clear and key discussion on the roles of establishing the right range of arguments to be put forward. The critique will play an important role, as the literature review is placed around a critical analysis of the range of business roles that are visible. Finally, the key note of a literature review is to present an argumentative piece of evidence, which provides a critical review of the roles and the range of discussion points, which will be essential and critical for the success of the review work conducted, where the highlight is towards pinning the reason for undertaking the research.  
  • It is the specific literature about a research project, thesis, or a dissertation. It is required to be written in post graduate study programmes, such as Masters Programmes and PhDs. The researcher must discover information in detail by referring to various sources, such as books, magazines, web sites, and journals. It should contain a critical assessment about the topic. Therefore, the thoroughness of the topic is required to write a good literature review. A typical literature review has an introduction, body, and conclusion.  
  • For example, let’s consider the hospitality industry. The first step of writing a good literature review is to conduct a literature search about the hospitality industry. There are many bibliographical sources available in abundance related with the hospitality industry. They can be online magazines, journals, web sites, company records, newspapers or anything. The second step is to note the bibliographical details. It is very important to write down the references separately, as and when the writer finds useful articles about the hospitality industry.  
  • Thereafter, the writer needs to find the literature. The best way to find the literature is by reading the books, magazines, and other relevant sources. The significance of finding theory and relevant frameworks are utmost useful, because there can be many unnecessary details in a provided book or a journal. When the writer is reading the bibliographical details, the person should write down the vital information in these sources. The information required depends upon the purpose of the review. Some of the useful findings in a topic of the hospitality industry are the history of the industry, comparison of the industry at early stage, how it became modernised, and some theories relevant to the hospitality industry. Finally, the writer must write the literature review using the findings. The level of writing and the detail depends on the study programme.




  • Structured as requested

  • When writing your literature review, consider many things. One of the most important is how you will organise the review. Your writer will choose the best structure for your literature review, based upon your research question. This may mean organising and discussing sources by date, topic, problems identified and their solutions, or by focusing on issues of cause and effect.
    If you have a specific style and structure you require for your literature review, you can request this directly on step two of the order form. You can attach any instructions or your marking scheme at the same point on the order form.

  • Stage your own research

  • A good literature review sets the stage for further research by concluding the review with your hypothesis or research question. This hypothesis, or research question, then forms the foundation of the rest of your research. A strong literature review is essential, as it helps to identify areas of current research that either warrant further discussion or areas where research is missing.
    A strong literature review is the foundation of a compelling dissertation and high final degree grade. Undergraduate firsts and master’s distinction level work require originality. This can only be established by a thorough and professional literature review.


  • We deliver all dissertations in Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) format. We are, however, capable of delivering in alternative formats – simply let us know what you require when placing your order. Some formats in which we have been asked to deliver work include: Open Office Writer (.odt), Apple PageS, Rich Text Format (.rtf), PDF
    No matter which format you require, we can normally accommodate it, as we have access to a variety of software used by students, both for writing proposals and dissertations. This includes packages, such as EViews and Matlab, which may be required for analysing data for your dissertation.


  • We only let a writer take on your dissertation order if they are qualified to do so. This means, when you receive your order from UK Essays, you can expect all the technical details to be correct. Not only will your writer be qualified in your subject of study, they will also have received that qualification in the same country in which you’re studying.
    University education standards vary globally, so we know it’s vital that our UK customers only have writers qualified in the UK. The same applies to our US and Australian customers, who only have their work written by American and Australian writers, respectively.


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    When you place an order with Global Essay it comes with a promise – the promise that we'll care for your dissertation as though it was for our own degree. Every single dissertation order is released with a comprehensive quality report, so you can see that we've taken the time to check your work thoroughly. It has taken 9 years of experience and over 70,000 orders to attain this level of reliability, but we now possess a level of experience unparalleled elsewhere in the dissertation writing industry.

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    The second we assign a researcher to your order, you will receive confirmation of your delivery date. We stay in touch with your writer throughout the writing process to ensure that your order is provided to you on time, and at the high standard of quality that you expect and deserve.

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    You know when you pay for a dissertation from Global Essay that we're paying a professional rate to a professional writer. Cheaper services pay less to their writers, who are more likely to be tempted to rip off other work from across the internet to get the job done fast and make more money. We're also the only dissertation writing service which has its own software to perform all our plagiarism checks and each order comes complete with a detailed plagiarism report.


    We respect and understand that confidentiality and privacy are the key elements of our successful cooperation with customers. Students do not want anyone to know that we are helping them with their coursework. We promise that your personal and financial information is not released to any third party and keep your all the data with us very securely.

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    We pay the highest rates in the industry and work hard to keep our writers happy. This ensures that they can stick to the business of writing the best dissertations and keeping you happy. When recruiting new researchers, we only take on applicants with high level degree qualifications, and we only do so after we've seen evidence that they can produce consistently high quality academic writing.

  • Dissertation proposals

    Before you start your final dissertation, the vast majority of universities request that you first complete a dissertation proposal. A proposal discusses the research you are about to complete, current research in the field and the methodology for your research. This is something which, as an undergraduate, you won’t have had to face previously and often proves to be much trickier than any other assignment you complete.



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