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Managing Financial Resources and Decisions

The report has discussed the key factors of managing financial resources and decision making. Also the importance of managing cash inflows and cash outflows for a business has been highlighted. The key factors to be considered in preparing cash budgets and the process of preparing budgets has been discussed. On the other hand the purposes of the main financial statements produced by any business and how the format of these financial statements can vary with the size of the businesses have been evaluated. Also information needs of different users of financial statements have been assessed.

Different sources of finance available for a business have been discussed by considering different debt and equity financing options. The implication of the different sources of finance is explained using different examples. In addition the impacts on financial statements due to obtaining these sources of finance are further evaluated.

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Published: 22 Feb 2018 Views: 3 Type: Report Writing

Aspects of Contract and Negligence for Businesss

This assignment is discussing about the aspects of contract law, and negligence by applying to the different practical scenario. According to that in the first part of the assignment is discussing about the essential elements, terms & conditions of a valid contract. In the second part, the elements, terms and conditions are identified in the section one has been applied to the current business situations & practical life. In third part, tort liability, negligence of tots and contractual liability is discussed. And section four this theories were in section two applied or theory mode. And at the finale, merit and distinctions part have been answered.

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Published: 05 Mar 2018 Views: 3 Type: Assignment

Financial Systems and Auditing

The report is based on numerous scenarios relating to financial systems and auditing. The report first discusses the importance of maintaining accurate and effective accounting records within a business. The different purposes of accounting records, importance of accounting concepts and influential factors of accounting systems within an organisation are discussed in detail. The next section of the report discusses the impact of negligence and non-compliance of financial regulations and business risk management. The planning process of an audit is evaluated, in terms of the scope, materiality and risk of an audit. The final section of the report discusses the various purposes and types of audit reports and presents a draft template of an audit report and a management letter.

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Published: 09 Apr 2018 Views: 1 Type: Essay

Employee Resourcing

The process is attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers and with appropriate qualifications, to apply for jobs with an organisation. Most organisations have to have a very critical selection process for each of the position regardless of the position or the level the candidate might be joining. Why you might wonder? This is due to the fact that each person abilities, skills, commitment and goals will differ. The following assignment is going to be based in the FMCG industry for one of the largest companies of Unilever UK and Ireland which requires a candidate for its Brand Manager Position.

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Published: 05 Mar 2018 Views: 1 Type: Literature Review