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Effective writing will help you to achieve good results in your exam, and for that, you should know some important writing tips, and our blog helps you to explore those important writing tips and guidance.

Following are the main differences between the essay writing and reflective writing ESSAY WRITING

  • You are expected to give a respond to a given essay question
  • You are given a particular set of expectations
  • Should follow academic conventions such as referencing
  • There is a logical structure, and a traditional format should be followed
  • Write normally using a passive voice
  • Written in the third person
  • You have the ownership of writing, since you can use your personal learning points. But you are expected to frame your personal writing in relation to the learning outcome
  • It should trace the experience of your personal developments and emotions and different ideas as a part of that experience
  • It should be written in the first person
  • Writing allows using emotional forms
  • Structure is less prescriptive
  • Use learning logs and personal reflective diaries instead of academic referencing conventions. But you have to use academic conventions if you are reflecting on any published or theoretical work.

Both the essays involve in personal storytelling with a purpose of explaining your views regarding a particular topic. But both the general narrative essay and reflective essay often differ in terms of the content, structure, tone and the purpose of the essay as below;

  • Purpose – the main purpose of reflective essay is to analyse the opinions or view explicitly. Not like general essays, reflective essays should focus more on the causes and the effects of those opinions and views. General essays normally provide your opinions in a clear and logical way but without explicit close analysis.
  • Structure – normally a standard essay format also suitable for the reflective essay as well. But general essay uses more flexible structure than the reflective essay. Reflective essay should show the introduction discussing the series of events and then it should narrow eventually on the main part of your critical analysis. When you are introducing a new concept in a reflective essay, you should use body paragraphs breaks.
  • Content – a reflective essay should have a content that could lead for a critical analysis of the topic you discuss. Write only the things which have meanings and critically important to the overall narrative. But general essay, you just write about something without lead the discussion for critical analysis
  • Tone – the tone of the writing a reflective essay should be critical and objective, but some flexibility also required helping with the discussion. But when writing a general narrative essay, author’s tone usually ranges from the first-person perspective to third-person objective.